Thank you for submitting to Drunken Boat. The fall submission periods is now over. Please keep your eyes open for the new issue and for Three Indian Poets, the first book in the DB series in global classics. Feel free to email: with any queries. 

Drunken Boat, one of the world's oldest electronic journals of the arts and home to over 1000 artists and writers from around the world, announces its redesigned site and a brand new book series: Drunken Boat Global Classics. You can find all of DB's books at Small Press Distribution and follow us on the socials @drunkenboat1999. 

We are currently seeking work on the theme: Bodies - interpreted widely! 

Pitch us work that considers bodies–physical, abstract, mythic–bodies of work, figures, forms, celestial bodies, body paragraphs, geographic bodies, body horror, or any way you connect with this theme. 

We’d like to see work that thinks about how we perceive bodies, how bodies transform or age, what it is like to exist in different bodies, what it means for something to be embodied or disembodied, and/or work that engages with the theme of bodies in surprising and interesting ways.



Drunken Boat plans to publish writers and poets from around the world in a new series: Drunken Boat Global Classics. Each edition will encompass a single country and hopefully highlight the most important writers there. Preferably these writers would be working in English but we will also consider translation. 

The chosen books will have receive a full promotional and marketing campaign, a New York City reading, a honorarium and standard royalties contract. Please note that each submission must encompass 1 (one) and only 1 country. 

You will be required to submit a proposal, brief work sample and biographies of the editor and authors under consideration. Please note that you should have rights to the work in question. 

Drunken Boat